Pelvic Floor - Cranio and somato - Distance Healing

Cranio Sacral and Somato Emotional Therapy by Dr. John Upledger

Cranio Sacral Therapy

CranioSacral therapy is a listening non-directive treatment technique that optimizes the functions of the CranioSacral System. Cranio refers to the skull and sacral represents the sacrum the bone in between the pelvic gridle. A Cranio Sacral therapist offers help to the body by waking up and strengthening the self-healing processes in the body. Through a better connection with one's own body, own emotion and own thinking, one discovers their real self. The therapist guides you in your quest for your own awareness. Cranio Sacral therapy is a sustainable and safe investment in your own healing ability.

Somato Emotional Therapy

All kinds of complaints can arise when an emotion is held and not expressed. Discovering this emotion is the beginning of the journey of discovery to letting go, to trauma processing. The therapist has the role of counsellor in investigating the meaning of the tensions, wherever in the body, by exposing the chain of events and experiences that have led to the build up of tension together with the client. He / She does this with understanding, respect, patience and attention. The therapist can offer to talk about what you perceive and feel. For the treatment you only need to take off your shoes and lay on your back on the treatment table. I make contact and feel the subtle flows and movements that set in motion the power of your healing nature. Energetic blockages, unprocessed life experiences, pains and cramps can be released in this way. As a result, fatigue, pain, heaviness, chilliness or emotions may also develop after treatment.

A session lasts as agreed 45 or 60 minutes.